About WCP - Wealth Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

About WCP

Who We Are

WCP is a global firm focused on Wealth Management, Investment Banking & Consulting and Investment.
As a Client concierge we also deliver outstanding services and products that are not only financial.


Established in 2019 by a group of experts, we help companies, investors and High-Net-Worth Individuals achieve their goals.



WCP is established by founders who are willing to introduce changes to the financial market.
This firm provides a splendid opportunity for both clients looking for better conditions and experts seeking to deliver special services to their clients.
We are committed to creating a new, unique and comfortable investment experience for our clients.


Our services are aimed at improving the convenience of life, fostering a rich living culture and also opening people`s minds to new opportunities.

Our Values

At WCP, we take advantage of the following superior features to support our clients' objectives:

  • Creative and outstanding quality service
  • Established global investors and High Net Worth Individuals
  • Reliable accessibility to limited investment opportunities

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